On a Personal Note

So here I am sitting in my new apartment and summer has officially begun.  Bad news is that I'm so behind from the move that I don't even want to think about it.  Good news is that the boxes are all unpacked, the appliances are all now working, the closets are full, and the new terrace has it's very own tomato plant (along with geraniums and petunias--and a refuses to die poinsettia left over from Christmas).  It's so nice to have an outdoor area again. Forgot how nice it is to sit out with a drink and take in the view.  Granted it's a city scape -- but it's Manhattan so that makes it pretty nice all the same.

Besides moving, still consumed with college fever.  Planning for college trip number three (with a day to play in Boston).  We're heading for MA again.  And Clark, Hampshire, and Holy Cross.   Might also do quick visits to Amherst and Brandeis.  Figure this is the last trip until final decision time.  What a wonderful time of life.  So many opportunities and so much ahead.  Kinda wish I could go back and do it all again.  Then I think of finals and papers and quickly realize I'd much rather be in the here and now.

And on a collegian note, had a fabulous group of students for my class this past spring.  I always learn as much as I teach, I think.  Very stimulating.  We also saw Promises! Promises! on Broadway.  Love Kristin Chenoweth.  And Sean Hayes was wonderful.  Makes me smile just remembering.  Hoping to see Lend me a Tenor.  And after the Tony awards, hoping to see American Idiot as well.  

Baseball is back.  And I'm still loving the Yankees.  Off to see a game this week in fact.  And after last night's nail biter, hoping for a little more of us in the lead from the beginning.   Also bought tickets for the new Pinstripe Bowl this winter.  Big 12 (which is of course now really the Big 10) and the Big East.  It's sixth ranked vs. 3rd ranked, so I'm guessing (and hoping) it won't be Texas or Oklahoma, but still will be someone from my neck of the woods.  So should be fun.  Besides, I've never been to a bowl game.

Writing News

A-Tac is back in the second installment of the A-Tac series.  Can't believe it's finally here.  Book 2, Dangerous Desires (Drake's book) is in stores now. 

As the extractions expert for A-Tac, an elite CIA black ops unit masquerading as faculty at an Ivy League college, Drake Flynn knows how to survive behind enemy lines. But he’s about to meet one adversary he can’t subdue . . . or resist.


Stranded in the Colombian jungle after a mission goes bad, Drake has only one objective: evade the mercenaries hot on his trail and deliver “the package” to U.S. officials. But “the package” has a mind of her own, and she has no intention of trading one set of captors for another. Madeline Reynard is beautiful, headstrong, and hell-bent on escape after years as a crime lord’s pawn. She’ll risk everything for freedom, even if it means deceiving the dark, handsome soldier who now holds her life in his hands.

Drake has been burned too many times to let a woman manipulate him, especially a secretive one like Madeline. Even so, they cannot deny the attraction between them. Now as enemy forces close in, Drake and Madeline must trust each other with their lives—or face certain death.

And don't forget books 1 and 3, Dark Deceptions (available now) and Desperate Deeds coming in August.


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I'm hard at work on the fourth A-Tac book.  So watch for it next year!

I'll be at RWA National in Orlando this year at the end of July.  If you're going to be there, please come by and see me at the literacy signing.  Or just walk up and say hello if you see me roaming the halls!  Always so much fun to catch up with readers and other writers.  And this year we get to do it with the MOUSE!  I'm also speaking at the NJ conference this year.  So looking forward to that as well.

The first weeks in July I'll be doing a blog tour for Dangerous Desires.  Check out my website for details on what and where.  And as always you can see what we're talking about over at www.whinesisters.com

What I'm Watching/Reading

With the move, I'm afraid I've been sorely lacking in the reading department (other than IKEA instruction manuals, which could use some improvement in my opinion).  I have started what promises to be a good read--What Would Jane Austen Do?   And with a new bookshelf in the bedroom, there's going to be much more temptation.  I can't wait to dig in.  Julia London's newest is calling to me.  As is Lisa Scottoline's and an old fav from Robert Ludlum.

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 Here's to Happy Reading.

 Remember, dreams can come true,