On a Personal Note

Just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very merry and wonderful holiday season.  Deck the halls, kick off your shoes, pour a hot toddy and settle in with a good book!  And may all your wishes for the new year come true!

Writing News

On the writing front, for a blast from the past check out my newly re-released time travel, Wild Highland Rose. The second in my time travel trilogy, Wild Highland Rose is the story of two people who must deal with their pasts in order to find their future:

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Marjory Macpherson rejoices at the news of her husband's death, only to find that he is, in fact, very much alive.  Marjory has spent her life hating the Camerons, waiting for the day that she can avenge her father.  Now suddenly, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to a man who is the enemy. 

Cameron Even awakes on the side of a Scottish mountain trapped in another man's body.  Despite evidence supporting his fifteenth century existence, Cameron is faced with the fact that the few memories he does have clearly depict a different kind of life, one that will not exist for another five hundred years…

 “Put the soundtrack to Brigadoon on and enjoy the ride. Ms. Davis has delicately crafted a beautiful story that will leave you wanting more.”  -- Huntress Book Reviews

Check it out at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Smashwords.   iTunes and Sony versions should be available soon.  Check out my website for excerpts, reviews and links.

Also on cyber shelves now, and just in time for the holidays--my very first novel and the first in my time travel trilogy, Everything In Its Time!

An earring, a murder, a legend...

Years ago while vacationing in Scotland, Katherine St. Claire believed she’d found the love of her life. She shared a night of passion with a stranger, in a hotel castle called Duncreag. But come morning, her lover had disappeared. And she has spent the last eight years trying to convince herself it was all a dream...

Living in the 15th century, Iain Mackintosh remains haunted by the memory of his greatest love. Eight years ago, she disappeared, leaving behind a cairngorm earring as the only evidence of her existence. Iain’s family wants him to stop pining for this fantasy woman and submit to a sensible marriage. But Katherine suddenly returns to him and reveals to him where—and when she’s from...

You can also order it through Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Amazon and it should also be available now at both Sony and iTunes.

And coming next month, the third book in the time travel trilogy, The Promise.  I'm really excited to be bringing them back into print (albeit cyberly).

Also watch for the latest in my A-Tac series, Deadly Dance, Harrison's book, coming in April.

What I'm Watching/Reading

In honor of the season, I've been watching a lot of Christmas movies.  My fav so far of the new Hallmark/Lifetime offerings is Christmas Kiss.   And I also really enjoyed Trading Christmas (Debbie Macomber) although I loved her Mrs. Miracle movies even more!!!   Also discovered Downton Abby.  And I've got some great Christmas Anthologies to read.  Including a stand alone novella by Julia London, The Christmas Secret, and Masters of Seduction (featuring Sherri Erwin).  And don't forget my holiday novella, Still of the Night, has just been re-released!  

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Here's to Happy Reading.

 Remember, dreams can come true,