On a Personal Note

So thanks to my newest book being moved up a month, and my physical move to Connecticut, I’m horribly behind schedule, and so late getting this out to you!  But better late than never, right?  We’re here in Connecticut now, and most of the boxes are gone.  Well, actually most of the boxes are stacked in the garage, but they’re mainly empty.  We’ve managed to lose the pendulum to our clock, which is frustrating for both us, and I suspect for the clock, since it doesn’t do much without it.  But other than that, everything seems to have made it in one piece.

The house is wonderful.  The refurbished floors look amazing and the new fireplace looks like it’s been here for 200 years.  The A/C is cooling although it’s been really nice here of late and so not necessary.  The garden is a constant source of delight.  Something new blooming at every turn.  Feels very much like an English cottage garden. We even “found” some old roses completely surrounded by a thicket of vines and brambles.  One white, one red.  Very cool.  

And the most exciting news of all—a new puppy!  Gus has been with us a week now and is three months old.  A Cardigan Welsh Corgi, black and white with tan points.  An awesome dog!  Check out out his pictures on my Facebook page.

Writing News

Obviously with all the unpacking, I haven’t been able to do a lot of writing.  But I’m really excited to get back to it.  My new office is lovely with a great view of the garden, so hopefully very inspiring!  I’m getting ready to start on a new time travel novella.  Winter’s Kiss should be out in time for holiday reading, and will give you guys a chance to revisit many of the characters from Everything in Its Time!

And I’m happy to announce that Avery Solomon’s A-Tac book, Dire Distraction, is available now!

As the commander for A-Tac, a black-ops CIA unit masquerading as Ivy League faculty, Avery Solomon is the best of the best. He’ll stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his team, but when a mystery from the past resurfaces, he puts himself directly in the line of fire.

After years of covert missions, Avery harbors regrets that continue to haunt him. He still blames himself for his wife’s death fourteen years ago—until an A-Tac operative finds a photo that suggests Avery’s wife may still be alive. Determined to discover the truth, Avery heads deep into the hostile territory of Southeast Asia, ready for danger and violence—only to find himself captured by desire . ..

Wilderness guide Sidney Price never backs down from a challenge. She has her own reasons for wanting revenge against the men being hunted by Avery. Though she tries to deny her attraction to the tough, handsome warrior, the spirited Sidney soon finds him impossible to resist. Now she and Avery mustwork together to uncover the truth—and stay alive. But as the enemy closes in and old secrets unravel, the line between partners and lovers vanishes like mist in the jungle . . .

You can order the book at these online retailers:

• Barnes & Noble
• Books A Million
• Amazon

Also still available, the newest installment to the Last Chance Series, Escape. 

You can order the book at these online retailers:

• Barnes & Noble (NOOK)
• Amazon (Kindle)
• Kobo

And, as part of the Devil May Care Series, Julie Kenner and I are re-releasing our "hell" novellas.  Watch for my stories, Hell Fire (Marcus)  and Hell's Fury (Jessie) along with Julie's Raising Hell and Sure as Hell coming in August!

I’m happy to annouce that Deadly Dance is a finalist in this year’s Bookseller’s Best Awards.  The winners will be announced at RWA national in Atlanta.  I’ll be there.  Look forward to seeing some of you as well.

You can order the book at these online retailers:

• Barnes & Noble
• Books A Million
• Amazon

What I'm Watching/Reading

Been totally enthralled with Game of Thrones. Can’t believe we have to wait another year before the next installment. May have to break down and read the books…but if I do, I know I’ll be out for the duration as once I start to read I can’t stop!!!  Also been watching the Next Food Network Star. And So You Think You Can Dance (I can’t) – my two fav summer pleasures.  Planning to do a little rereading of old favorites, rediscovered as they’ve emerged from their storage boxes. Christina Skye’s Draycott Abbey series is calling as are all my old Mary Stewart books. And of course we’ve just bought a slew of raising puppy books. Life is centered around Gus at the moment!

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Here's to Happy Reading.

Remember, dreams can come true,