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Liar's Game Series, Book 1
Digital Re-release, August 2014
Original paperback, 2006 (HQN)

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About the Book

It was time to destroy the ghosts of her past…before they destroyed her!

Everyone has skeletons in the closet, but Simone Cooper Sheridan’s involve secret CIA operations in the steamy jungles of South America. Now, after years of disguising her true identity, she’s finally come face-to-face with her previous life.

Reece Sheridan knows that a smart man doesn’t think with his heart. After all, he is the one who divorced Simone, when their marriage just couldn’t overcome her mysterious past. But he’s never gotten over her.

Now Simone’s secrets have captured the two of them in a deadly game with a ticking clock…and nothing can tear him from her side.


"EYE OF THE STORM has a fast moving, thrill-a-minute pace, and is totally engrossing… Dee Davis scores another perfect ten with this one." —Reader to Reader

“Eye Of The Storm is an exciting story that shows Ms. Davis at the top of her game and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. She is making her name synonymous with the best there is in romantic suspense. A worthy addition to her already stellar backlist.” —A Romance Review

"EYE OF THE STORM is an action-filled, stimulating story…Davis creates an exciting, thrilling experience for readers.” —Fresh Fiction


“What about you?” Laura asked. “Have you given any more thought to what you want to do? Now that you’re on your own, I mean?”

It was an ongoing conversation. “No. And I know I should,” she said, heading her friend off at the pass. “I just haven’t been able to really focus on what it is I want to do next. It’s all a little overwhelming, you know?”

“I do.” Laura nodded. “But it’s important that you figure out what you want. Besides, even if it’s only temporary, it beats hanging out at the mailbox waiting for Netflix.”

“Although when we’re talking Johnny Depp…” Simone shrugged.

“ ‘Nuf said,” Laura said, shifting the cart back into gear. “Same time tomorrow?”

“Absolutely.” Simone smiled. “As you so eloquently pointed out, I haven’t got all that much on my agenda.”

“Guess I know where I rank.”

“Hey, just commenting on my very dull life.”

“Be careful what you pray for,” Laura quipped, laughing as she pulled away from the curb. Simone waved goodbye and then turned back toward the house, thumbing through the mail. Predictably it was made up of bills and junk mail, the junk only slightly outweighing the bills.

She quickly sorted things into two groups, bills on top, everything else on the bottom. As she moved the final catalogue to the back of the pile, a card fell out, drifting in the breeze to land at the foot of a pot of moss roses.

She bent to retrieve it, surprised to find a postcard rather than the advertisement she’d expected. The photograph on the front showed an over-forested mountain, the thick undergrowth making it look hot and oppressive. Simone shivered, memory flashing with intense clarity.

It was just a postcard.

She drew in a shaky breath and turned it over, her heart stutter-stepping as she read the message.

Trip is fine, but storm is coming. Must seek cover. – M

The card fluttered from her fingers as she struggled to breathe. Then with a force of sheer will, she cleared her head, banishing her roiling emotions, and leaned over to retrieve the postcard, tucking it into the pocket of her jeans.

Once inside the house, she threw the mail on the credenza in the hallway and walked into the kitchen, her movements rote as she opened the pantry and began removing cans of green beans and peas.

Three minutes later, the shelf was empty and Simone carefully peeled back a Velcroed square of wallpaper. Despite the fact that her stomach was churning her fingers were steady as she reached for a knife and levered it between two planks of the shiplap wall. There was a click, and then the bottom plank swung free, revealing a dark cavity.

Simone reached inside and pulled out a plastic wrapped package. Pushing the wood back into place, she replaced the wallpaper, and then the cans. Certain that everything was returned normal, she crossed to the table, and opened the package.

The gun was in pieces, but it took only a few seconds to put it together, the magazine sliding into place with a gratifying click. She slid it into the waistband of her jeans the metal cold against the small of her back, then reached for the passport, flipping to the photograph, satisfied that it was a good enough likeness to serve her purpose.

Next she grabbed a black leather wallet, checking the contents briefly. Drivers license, social security, even a library card. The pictures were all of her, the name matching the one on the passport. She closed the wallet and picked up a manila envelope. Inside, she thumbed through four stacks of bills. A hundred thousand should take care of her needs. At least until she’d sorted things out.

The only remaining thing in the package was a cell phone. She took it and shoved it into her purse, along with the wallet, envelope and folded square of plastic.

Then with a shuddering sigh, she removed her old wallet, cell phone and key ring, placing them on the table. Her current life summed up in paper, plastic and leather.

She turned slowly, her eyes falling on the divorce decree. All it needed was a signature. A line of ink, and her marriage would be nothing more than a memory. The thought broke her heart. But then sometimes life made decisions for you.

She grabbed a pen and scribbled her name.

What was it Laura had said?

Be careful what you pray for.

Excerpt from EYE OF THE STORM by Dee Davis, Copyright ©2006 by Dee Davis. All rights reserved. Reprint only with permission from author. Please contact .

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